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Clarinda Park Photography Takes Photos During The Red Bend Deb Ball

Red Bend Catholic College had their debutante ball last Saturday, 4th June, at Parkes Leagues Club, with the theme "Winter Wonderland".

Some Debutantes of Red Bend Catholic College during their Ball at Parkes Leagues Club. Event Photography by Clarinda Park Photography.

As I told myself before and if my schedule permits, I'll take photos of events happening at Parkes Leagues Club as it would be a good training ground for my photography skills.

As to not distract anyone during the program, I positioned myself this time at the very back of the auditorium and hoped that my zoom lens won't let me down. It did, so i'm actually thinking of replacing my almost 10-year old camera and lens with a new one.

I was there to take photos of the event as a whole, and not to take photos of individuals or families. Not that I don't want to take their photos, its just that I am (still) shy to walk around auditorium and ask people, "could i take your photos?"... well at least, last weekend I was shy.

So during breaks, I just stepped outside the auditorium.

While waiting for the program to resume, some people went out to have their selfies and photos at the 'backdrop'. And i saw this as an opportunity to take their photos.

I offered to take their photos using their mobile devices, and then i asked to take photos from my camera. They loved it. Someone was actually, "photographer can you take our photos".

As it was getting late for me, I decided to wrap things up before the band started playing :(

Hope everyone had a good time.

Photos will be uploaded in CLARINDA PARK PHOTOGRAPHY facebook page. Photos are available via this LINK.

For your event venue, Parkes Leagues Club has the biggest auditorium in town that could accommodate about 600 people. The club also has functions rooms. So contact and book your events at Parkes Leagues Club, :)

And for your event photography needs, consider CLARINDA PARK PHOTOGRAPHY. Clarinda Park Photography can do event photography, horse photography, sports photography, and aerial photography. So for your photography needs, we may be able to help you. Servicing Parkes Shire, and Central & Western Districts of New South Wales.

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