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CLARINDA PARK HORSES is a standardbred horse breeding farm located in Parkes. It was established by the Dumesny family, a family heavily involved in harness racing industry. The Dumesny family started "RUBY VALE STUD FARM" on 1912, and on 1943, it started its first public stud season. "RUBY VALE STUD FARM" had a good run as a commercial stud and horse breeding farm until it closes its operation to public on 2004.

Now "CLARINDA PARK HORSES" is being managed by the same person who ran RUBY VALE STUD FARM.

Since its first operation in 2015, Clarinda Park Horses have welcomed over 200 broodmares from different owners, and have helped give birth to about 100 foals in the farm. 

CLARINDA PARK PHOTOGRAPHY makes sure to get a good photo of both the mare and the foal in the farm. This foal, mare, and horse photography service is an added bonus to Clarinda Park Horses clients who send their mares to foal down at Clarinda Park Horses. 

Visit our CLARINDA PARK HORSES website to know more of the services that we offer. The complete photos of our foals and yearlings are available as well via the website. 

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