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Parkes Shire NAIDOC Art Exhibition Conducts Its Official Opening

On the 2nd of July 2018, I was invited by Ms Mandy Brown from Neighbourhood Central to attend the event Parkes Shire Council and Neighbourhood Central were organizing for the night of 12th July 2018.

The event was entitled Parkes Shire Council NAIDOC Art Exhibition - Black Tie Official Opening.

Parkes Shire Council NAIDOC Week Art Exhibition 2018 | Black Tie Official Opening | Event Photography by Clarinda Park Photography

I decided to attend and see what the event is all about.

Ms Brown advised I could bring my camera to take photos of the event if I wanted. I hesitated at first because of the restriction formal attire could make, but I decided to bring the camera to keep myself busy.

Fortunately, I had some moments and was able to take event photos of Parkes Shire NAIDOC Art Exhibition Official Opening.

The council awarded the Parkes Shire Indigenous Person Of The Year, Lisa, and awarded the nominees as well.

Another plus for me for going to the event, I was able to meet Ms Yvette Quinn, Parkes Councilor and Deputy Mayor Cr Barbara Newton, and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Hon Sarah Mitchell.

Some of the photos I have taken are available via the EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHY gallery. Please click here to view the gallery.

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