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Parkes Picnic Races 2017 photos taken by Clarinda Park Photography

I have decided to go to Parkes Picnic Races yesterday, Saturday to take some photos. Since I have been taking photos at Parkes Harness Racing Club meeting,I thought, 'oh, this won't be any different'.

I could not be wrong :)

To begin with, I don't have any connection to any in there -- not from organizers, stall/tent owner, volunteers, etc. None. Nada. I was on my own.

And since this was a big event at Parkes, there were a number of photographers present. I have seen this couple of people taking pictures of the horses in race track. One was a little girl. And she was looking at me at my camera. (Maybe judging my camera as her zoom lens/camera is far way better model than mine) ;)

Then I thought, I really cannot compete with all the people taking photos here. Some got better camera model, some got connections (local people working for local newspaper).

It was then I decided to be different and brought out "tommy", my DJI Phantom 4 drone, and started taking aerial shots of the crowd and the track.

Parkes Picnic Races 2017. Horse Racing At Parkes Jockey Club Track. Clarinda Park Photography. Event Photography.

I needed a momentum to start taking photos. After taking some aerial photography, I focused on taking photos at the fashion parade.

Good thing I stayed as i didn't know Gracie was on the final judging for junior division.

Photos I have taken will be uploaded as soon as they are available via the Gallery Page of this website and via the facebook page of Clarinda Park Photography.

But for now, here are some photos I have taken:

And for your event photography needs, consider CLARINDA PARK PHOTOGRAPHY.

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