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2 Photos of Clarinda Park Horses Make It To The Finals

​Photos, taken by Clarinda Park Photography, of the 2 foals-and-mares of Clarinda Park Horses made it to the finals.

Foals and Mares Photos of Clarinda Park Horses are finalists in Harness Breeders Victoria photo contest. Photos Taken by Clarinda Park Photography.



"Pia" is a filly by Heston Blue Chip x Soho Leigh. When she was born, we noticed that she really looks good, thus, the name "Pia" after the Miss Universe during 2016.

"Pia" and her mare "Soho Leigh" few hours after birth.

"Pia" was born during the early hours of 28th of September 2016.

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"Naamah" is a filly by Art Major x Ark Elaine. I really wanted to have a colt by Ark Elaine as I would love to give him a biblical name him, "Noah". But when Ark Elaine gave birth to a filly we googled 'wife of noah' and search engine threw back "Naamah".

"Naamah" and her mare "Ark Elaine". This is when Naamah was 4 days old. Naamah's sire is Art Major

"Naamah", when was just 4 days old, playing in the foaling paddock

And this is the photo of "Naamah", "Ark Elaine", and Tony. Too bad I could not submit this photo as an entry... no human allowed in the photo :).

Naamah, Ark Elaine, Tony. Photo taken by Clarinda Park Photography. Horse photography.

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