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Clarinda Park Photography Would Be Taking Photos at The Wiggles, Debutante Ball, and Parkes UpMarket

A number of events would be happening in Parkes this weekend, and Clarinda Park Photography will be there to take photos of the events.

Clarinda Park Photography Will be At Parkes Leagues Club to take photos during The Wiggle event on Friday, and Debuntate Ball on Saturday, as well as in Cooke Park for this months Parkes Upmarket.

FRIDAY. 02 June 2017

Parkes Leagues Club is the venue of THE WIGGLE WIGGLES AROUND AUSTRALIA tour in Parkes. There would 2 shows for the day - 10 am and 12.30pm

If you would like me take photos of you and your kids on the event and maybe with The Wiggles, do hesitate to approach me, and I will do my best to capture the moments.

SATURDAY. 03 June 2017

Red Bend Catholic College will be having their Debutante Ball this Saturday at Parkes Leagues Club. Let us celebrate this momentous event as another set of young ladies are welcomed into society.

As i take photos of this event for Parkes Leagues Club, let me know if you would like to your photos to be taken.

SUNDAY. 04 June 2017

Parkes UpMarket will be conducting its bi-monthly event this Sunday, 04 June. There would be a number of stalls that would be selling different items such as cakes, jams, fruits, bbq, coffee, clothing, jewelry, chutneys, skin products, jumping castle, and much more.

So head out to Cooke Park this Sunday as the market is open from 10 am til 2pm.

I would be taking photos for this event, so if you happen to see me, let me know if you wanted me to take your photos, or maybe photos of your products.

For your event photography needs, consider CLARINDA PARK PHOTOGRAPHY in Parkes.

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