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CPP Takes Photos At PDASA Event

Last Saturday, 27th of May, I was taking photos for Parkes & District Amateur Soccer Association (PDASA).

Clarinda Park Photography takes photo for Parkes & District Amateur Soccer Association

I found out that they were looking for photographers to take photos for the day, so I decided to reach out to the association. I was not sure what I was thinking, but I have to widen my sports photography portfolio to include events other than horse harness racing ;)

For about 2 days, I was anxious, not if i could do the task (I'm pretty sure I could take photos), but if photos would turn up good.

On the day of the event photoshoot, i brought my A-game with me -- 2 of my DSLR, my drone, and a lot of confidence.

My worries about photos not turning up good was soon forgotten and replaced by fear of getting the drone crashed (and hurt someone).

After having flying the drone for a very short time, I decided to take the dslr to work. I tried to take photos of all the teams playing, and hoping i could get a good solo shots of some player.

After spending about 4 hours in the field, I decided to go home, and see the photos. I was quite happy with the outcome.

So thank you to Cameron and the Parkes & District Amateur Soccer Association for letting me take photos on the day.

For your event photography needs, consider Clarinda Park Photography.

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