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Clarinda Park Photography launches its website

Clarinda Park Photography is the third business line at Clarinda Park.

My hobby in photography started about 2 decades ago, back in my university days, when I first got my digital camera. I loved taking photos, photographing memories, and documenting moments during my uni days.

In 2008, finally, when I was able to afford my first DSLR Canon 450D starter kit (thanks to HSBC monthly instalment plan), I thought myself as a photographer.

Every thing changed when I migrated to Australia back in 2010. This hobby was put aside... for a while.

It was only in 2015 when I moved to Parkes that I was able to hold a camera again. Parkes Harness Racing Club designated me as the club photographer for their horse harness race meeting. And soon after, I was taking photos of the foals and mares in our very own horse breeding farm, Clarinda Park Horses.

Every foal, every mare, and every stallion we have at Clarinda Park Horses, has his/her moment in front of the lens.

Every event of my clients at Clarinda Park I.T., I make sure to capture their memories.

So I decided to make photography as a separate service for Clarinda Park. Thus, we have CLARINDA PARK PHOTOGRAPHY.

So if you need a photographer for your event, consider CLARINDA PARK PHOTOGRAPY. I have compiled of photos to be my photo portfolio, and they can be found in homepage of Clarinda Park Photography website.

Clarinda Park Photography

saving memories,

taking photos,

& capturing moments.....


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